professional enough

When the proper parts of you are more right than others ’cause otherwise you wouldn’t be professional enough and definitely not good enough

Just to be absolutely clear… when I’m walking around looking like I’m completely normal, I am most certainly not

When I look like a fully functioning, professional enough, rule-abiding citizen, I’m cooking up some craziness in my head so you better watch out

It is my civic duty to inform you… and of course, my greatest horror is if people would actually think I’ normal

That would be quite shocking and detrimental to my ego… and you don’t want to anger that beast

And to think that most thrive on being normal… quite shocking to us wild souls I know

But most assume that rules govern every aspect of life and the one who can best learn the rules and best apply them will be successful and get all the good shit in life

But only the ones capable of rising above… the only ones truly living on purpose are the rule breakers that don’t play the game

Us wild souls… detesting rules and this hardwired response of doing the opposite of what we’re told is the very fabric we’re made of

We weren’t born to be normal or play the game of who applies the rules the best

Who and what you are is a work of art… you are a work of art and all that you are is a beautiful weave of perfection

No wonder you’ve never quite placed yourself in the breaking outside of the box and thinking outside the box culture

You’re more like… ermmm… whatever folks, ‘cause they don’t realize they’re desperate to belong to a box… just want a cooler one

This whole idea of labelling and boxes it’s not for you… it’s wrong for you… so horribly wrong

It’s for normal people… not us

That being said… for the longest time I was so conflicted about what I allowed first… the academic leadership professional or the art of wild leadership

The analytical professional approach, like a proper consultant, professional enough, applying all the knowledge and the labels and the steps to desired outcomes felt so wrong… so not me… like I was slowly dying inside and I was… the fast track to burnout

While allowing art first felt like I was so unprofessional and I should be more of something… just more 

I was in full blown sabotage mode with the whip on my back for never being the motherfucking thing that I am

We can’t do this shit… of pretending we are one or the other or judging something about us as more right

We can’t

We’re not normals striving for some out of the box best self versions ticking imaginary boxes of imaginary rules for people who’s sole purpose is playing the imaginary game

We came here with a purpose you and I

Well the normals did too… but normalcy is their choice

We didn’t choose normal… we can’t choose normal… it doesn’t mesh with the makeup of our being

We are fire and creation itself and that is always a work of art… a work of genius

‘Cause the changemakers aren’t the ones that have been steering our organizations and governments. Even though they are appreciated and important, those are the players in the game of rules

Those leaders aren’t the creators of this world, but enforcers of rules and order

But you… you’re among the leaders of leaders that create the massivest of changes. That change people and peoples’ lives. And that’s where the real change happens

So even though you also have all the qualities of being a perfect player in the game of rules with your organizational skills and entrepreneurial mind, you’re an artist

An artist of creation and change. And it’s only when you allow your light to fully shine and show up as all of you for all that you are… that you’ll see the effects you have on the world

‘Cause when you don’t

When you’re holding back

You’re judging some parts of you more right than others

And that my friend is a recipe for a fuckup

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