solution to all your problems

THE FANTASTIC FUCKING FOUR… never forget woman… don’t you dare forget

Solution to all your problems.. the things you are… the core of your being you forget when things go upside down

The very best of you tossed under a pile of fear when you’re insecure and lost in the fog of things frantically searching for the solution to all your problems

The very THINGS making you the MOTHERFUCKING THING and yet you forget in the shit of shits and lose yourself a little

When you think you don’t know how to tackle a situation… when you forget you’re a fucking warrior

When you drop to all the weak as fucks wondering how you need to be to get what you want

When you forget the only thing you need is being the MOTHERFUCKING THING and the rest follows

When your chest tightens and breathing gets shallower

When you wake up gasping in the middle of the night wondering what the fuck you’re doing and how in hell you’re gonna pull it off

Get a fucking grip

Discipline your ass

Your fantastic fucking four woman!!!  The solution to all your problems… good shit about you that makes you a badass motherfucker… the things that make you a warrior

Go be that… and the rest follows

Not what you do for other people… not what you think makes you a fabulous motherfucker in the eyes of others… not what you’re supposed to be… not what you think you should be… not what you believe you need to be to feel worthy of the badassery title… not what you think will get you what you crave… fuck that shit… 

Close your eyes, hands on heart, breathe… connect with all your badassery shit and remember who the fuck you are

… remember… remember at a level of being it all you’ve never even allowed before

Remember… get a grip… discipline your ass and go be that

There’s no trying… I have already decided

There’s no becoming… I have already decided

I either am or am not beyond next level good shit… end of story… period… exclamation and all !!!!

Fuck vision, fuck values, fuck beliefs

They can’t help you beyond next level

No matter how fancy and polished and politically correct

No matter how much of a guiding light they should be in keeping you in line… on track… focused… disciplined… and behaved

No matter how much of some best self you’d become

I don’t fucking care

THE FANTASTIC FUCKING FOUR… let it out… allow…. be 

And the rest follows… no strategy… no becoming… no how to be rules… the only best fucking self there is

wild… fire… truth… magic

There’s nothing more I need… my only discipline… never fucking forget woman *looks self in the inner eye

No matter how I feel the world is punching me in the face

No matter how hard it feels to break out of shit that’s held you back and trapped in the land of waiting for what’s yours 

Be… and the rest follows

Be… and the world gets punched back

The world falls in line

The world follows

When your done with forgetting who the fuck you are.. pretending you are plagued by worry and stress, filling your days with unimportant badass stuff, always with a very valid excuse for not showing up for purpose…