purpose of being leader of leaders


Purpose of being leader of leaders… but looking more like weaker than weak as fuck… like a failure throwing your life and potential away when you could be a success in the traditional sense climbing the traditional steps on the traditional ladder

I bet that looking back at your not so glorious moments where you fell on your ass… but it was probably glorious bc nice butt and all…  I bet you see a deep layer of how everything has unfolded because of a series of the same decision… to step into your purpose of being leader of leaders and the MOTHERFUCKING THING

No? Look deeper.. for me, that usually looked like epic fuckery of highest proportions with me completely sold on my own weak as fucks for not doing the damn things that supposedly one should be doing for being allowed in the club of responsible adulting let alone getting the permission and be allowed to call oneself a badass and a leader

And the choice of purpose being leader of leaders was never a mental decision like a profession, a role you step into or a position to climb your way towards with permission granted by the overlords of leadership as long as you play the game as expected

It is never a plan and more or less something you don’t quite understand and misinterpret in the thick of things

It was always this soul knowing I had no fucking idea what looked like

It was a feeling, a vibration, an energy current running through me

And I decided and decided again and again… this will be my life even though I never said it outloud, that what looked like being delusional and irresponsible, not doing the damn things one should be doing, was me saying no to a life that wasn’t mine yet not knowing how to show up for what I was born to BE

And I just couldn’t decide anything else… it wasn’t even an option… feeling all the feels of failure ‘cause just doing the damn things is simply how shit is done for us driven motherfuckers

But the whole ‘doing the damn things’ was much more a heap of shoulds I was still carrying like deadweight 

I kept saying yes though… despite that leading me in the weirdest directions learning the craziest things about myself, life and people like you… the badass wild souls, creators, entrepreneurs and fellow leaders of leaders that definitely looked nothing like the stereotypical image of a corporate or a political leader… or the traditional accolades of a consultant and a business woman

The people that aren’t leading the herd… ‘cause the herd apparently needs leading or saving as the misinformed judgmental pedestal lovers like to believe… 

The people that are leading from purpose and soul… leading by creating through the greatness inside of them

By refusing the rules of how shit is supposed to be done and do purpose in a way that screams fuck yeah… despite the insecurities and who the fuck am I to do this beliefs from inside of you

Leading by not giving a fuck and owning what you were born to BE

Leading by not being a role model for some fancy as fuck virtues de jour and hallmarks of traditional success but being a role model for choosing the MOTHERFUCKING THING that has always run through your energy

Being a role model for not denying self for the average and mainstream of society where greatness goes to die

Being a role model for allowing and choosing all that you came here for and not settling for fine and okay when you’re not

Being a role model for the easier choice of not fighting yourself to pretend you’re okay with doing the same shit as everyone else, but better, but choosing the hunger for more that you know is available to you… the more you were born for

But the easier choice seems so hard and yet so natural when you finally realize how you’ve been handcuffing yourself by competing in the realm of being best in doing the same as everyone else

The easier choice is always choosing being THE MOTHERFUCKING THING

The easier choice is always allowing epic good shit to happen