not going all in


All this energy you pour into creating whole conversations in your head about why you should definitely not go for the biggest version, the grandest goal and the outrageous results you really want

And on and on you go with your stories why playing smaller and pussyfooting around what you really want is a much better idea and you continue not going all in like it’s totally acceptable… when it never is

You must remain reasonably proper, right? ‘Cause people surely might be offended and outraged if you just stopped putting so much effort into downplaying the shocking sides of yourself and dared to finally claim all that you are 

Tsk… tsk…

And then you break down a little. This tiptoeing around the stuff you’re made of isn’t what you want and you wonder why you choose it

With the headache and heartache that follows… and the sadness for not allowing the madness and cray cray you love about yourself and the truth in your heart you hardly dare speak, knowing full well it’s your gateway to freedom and all the good shit in life

You’re not one of those people that quits when shit gets tough… you thrive on that

You devour tasks in front of you for the sheer satisfaction of eating them up

You complete the sets and reps and dig in deeper for that adrenaline rush and fuck yeah high

But you funnel that power into pinning yourself down in some proper place that’s not too much but enough much to call yourself a badass… but you’re not going all in

It’s fucked up

You know it’s fucked up and it’s wearing you down

It’s draining you mentally, emotionally and physically… you willfully dial your life force down… you choose it… you choose making yourself miserable… fuck that shit babe… fuck that shit

It’s not like I’m telling you anything you don’t already know

More like me telling you what you don’t want to hear

Even more like I’m telling you what you know you need to hear, ‘cause you already know it’s true but would rather want the truth being something else

Like there’s something that needs to fall in place in your life… or that others need to be different… or there’s actually a valid and acceptable reason for why you choose what you choose

What’s valid and acceptable is a choice… just choose

Not quitting on yourself and the grandest of visions is way easier than what you’re currently choosing

You’re choosing the hard, hard, hard, hard way

You’re suffocating yourself

Creating your own prison brick by brick

Creating a coffin for soul and purpose

Creating challenges where there could be none

If that’s your choice… so be it

But I bet it’s not

It’s time

And I’m so fucking excited about the 20 day SHOW UP NOW asskickery

20 days of you deciding the damned things. Of doing the damned things. In your own damn way NOW!

And you stop suffocating yourself ’cause of all the things and ’cause you’re not there yet and when you’ve done this and finished that…

And instead… you say YES and show up for opportunities coming out of nowhere, ’cause you decided and it is done… badass style

The 20 Day Show Up Now Asskickery is exactly what you need to snap out of holding back, toning down, filtering, doubting, second guessing and hiding behind your busy things to show up as the sexy mofo you are and leader of badassery.. anything less isn’t even remotely okay… and you’re not okay with it and you know I’m right!

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