Not being all of what's inside of you ends now


You surrender to you… that’s what you’re doing now… non negotiable babe, non fucking negotiable

You surrender to soul to purpose to passion to power

Not being all of what’s inside of you ends now… wake from the slumber that’s been holding you in status quo

From the numbness of scrolling and scrolling waiting for something that doesn’t happen

You’re badassing through the to do list on the outside fo sho, but on the inside… waiting for the day to go by ‘cause tomorrow you’re shaking shit up thinking not being all of what’s inside of you ends now… with now being tomorrow

And then a new day is screaming in your face and you’re just not feeling it

You want to shake it off and set shit on fire, all lit, but FFS… you can’t be bothered with that either

It would only ever be operation lit up #5247 but the hard truth… it’s not doing it for you anymore

And you know you’re somewhat faking it

Not being all of what’s inside of you ends now

You’re surrendering now… it’s a non negotiable

You don’t have to do anything or pretend anything

But you got to listen to soul

The truth behind the truth

The real truth unclouded from the tiredness of being⠀

The real truth unmasked from the fear of stepping up

The real truth

Not the truth telling you to wrap in a blanket of comfort ‘cause you deserve it having badassed a lot

Not the truth saying you should rest ‘cause shit is hard and you’ve been the pillar of fucking strength

Not the truth whispering you can’t… not just yet… ‘cause you’re afraid you’re not good enough yet to receive what’s in your heart

The truths you’ve been listening to… they’re uninvited sorry not sorry buh bye for now… you’re like the foods that shouldn’t exist… full of calories but none of the fuck yeah

Like plain meringue cookies… who honestly likes that shit

And the pretty and perfectly wrapped Christmas present… but it’s empty

We’re not doing a plain meringue cookie kind of life right now

You’re not allowing those surface truths with no substance to dominate right not

You’re listening to the truths behind the truths

Not being all of what’s inside of you ends now

It’s surrendering time

And you’re gonna let that WILD one out

You’re gonna listen to the truth that’s so loud and so clear… the one that never stops… the one that says you want it all and you want it so much

You want it more than anything

You want it so much that anything else hurts

That not allowing the real and raw truths is downright depressing, colouring the days with grey that otherwise could be fuck yeah just because you say so

But no… you decide to stuff that truth down, so no matter what you do… no matter what you choose… and no matter how you show up… it all ends up matted, greyish and muted

And you so much want to dial that shit up… the glossy, the colour and the loud

And step into the vision, the you and the life you’ve always known was for you

But you can’t… ‘cause the truth is stuffed

The real soul truths to choose right now are buried under empty presents

The real soul truths that will never become a reality and continue to crush you unless you choose to allow

You cannot pretend to choose and still stuff the truth behind the truth

You cannot pretend you’re a badass and still stuff your soul truths

Living the double life of knowing you’re one thing and yet showing up as another

How’s that working for you babe?

Are you having fun yet? Bet you aren’t

I bet you’re not there yet

I bet you’re still doing what you think you should be doing

I bet you’re not near where you expected to be by now

Still trying to figure out how and why

Still wondering why you don’t have what you know in your heart is meant for you… or what? Is it even what you want or what you thought you wanted… or what you should want… ‘cause then peeps would see you’re accomplished and proper even though you still feel crushed on the inside

This ends now

Not being all of what’s inside of you ends now

It’s not so much about what to do to reach your next level…  allowing your truths behind the truths is your next level

This is where the page turns to a new chapter of surrendering to soul and do the damn things of being you

This is where a whole new plot plays out in a whole new game

The real truth of showing up for what you’re here for… of showing up for what you want to create for yourself… even though you feel tired, uninspired and done

‘Cause you choose you and you choose purpose and you choose what you see inside of you

And you unchoose all the things you think you need that are keeping you stuck


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