how dare you change yourself


I could be shocked and outraged on your behalf

I guess I am

How dare you change yourself when who you are is so perfect for what you want… I’m kind of baffled it so much as crosses your mind you needed to become more of something else

I’m kind of baffled you ever thought you weren’t good enough for all that you want ‘cause you’re so fucking on point and perfect for all the visions locked inside of you

Yes, I’m talking about the ones you currently have endlessly on hold like the worst customer service number ever

Yes, someone will be with you in a moment please hold……. *holding

Sorry, the supervisor is busy at the moment, please hold…. *holding

That particular vision doesn’t seem to be available in yoru are, please hold… *holding

Beeeeep… and the line disconnects

In fact, if you were anything different you wouldn’t be perfect for what you want

You wouldn’t even be able to get what you want… ‘cause well, you wouldn’t be a match for it are you?

So when you’re trying to fix yourself or become something extra you think you should be to get ‘there’… NO… you already are the perfect extra!

How dare you change yourself?

You can fix your life fo sho…  and for that, I’m the fucking fixer ‘cause what you need to fix your life is to remember who the fuck you are

*Slapping you in the face for believing you need something extra to up level… tsk… tsk… how dare you?

Why can’t you see that your perfect kind of chaoz is exactly what is called for?

Why can’t you see that organizing yourself in neat little boxes of worst self to best self when all of that is all of you and all of you is perfect, is the fucking problem

It’s what’s feeding your internal lie machine vomiting you need to be different and better. Lies whispering you need up levelling with some qualities you don’t already have to get all the good stuff

Like you’re not already perfect in every way to receive the grandest of visions

Like you’re not already the MOTHERFUCKING THING

Like it’s not enough to show the fuck up

Stop everything you’re doing

How dare you change yourself

Surrender to all that you already are and stop trying so fucking hard to become something or some best self version that’s not even you, but a polished, sound byte pushing carbon copy that looks good in public

‘Cause if you weren’t messy and chaotic and looked more like some super cool person that looks exactly like the next cool person, you wouldn’t be you, but some sterilized, made up version

… like that can ever be your crazy purpose in life

The sterilized life… ohh yeah… gimme more of that definitely… said no wild soul, crazy ass bitch or entrepreneur ever

Who da fuck would choose a life where you’re constantly trying to be sterilized and cool and accomplished enough to be granted access to all the goodies and next levels?

Instead of being the damn thing

‘Cause the goodies and next levels are already here should you decide and be brave enough to allow all there is and risking the dislikes from all that wasn’t yours in the first place

Should you risk to lose what’s in front of you but not yours… and should you take a chance on what is so perfectly yours

Should you choose a leap of faith in self, trusting the visions inside of you are such a perfect match for all that you are…. now

… trusting that you, as you are, is exactly what’s needed

… trusting that you always show up exactly as needed

How dare you change yourself when you’re a perfect match to your purpose

How dare you change yourself when showing up for you is all there is



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