how crazy ones create


If I was a crazy person I’d say you already are all the things you’re trying to be to get all the things you want.

If I was a crazy person I’d say you’re not crazy enough to see that

If I was a crazy person I’d say there’s nothing you need to be more of ’cause that’s how crazy ones create

But then again, I’m crazy and hopefully so are you

‘Cause us crazy persons know that we can decide now

That there’s no working towards like you’re not already the badass you were born to be

That the only thing there is to do is deciding you already are

And that’s how crazy ones create all the epic good shit

And you don’t have to figure out what frequency that is and huff and puff in shadow land to excavate some blocks to decide what you have always been and learn how crazy ones create

You just have to decide

And you can decide even though you haven’t dealt with all your shit

And you can decide even though you haven’t dealt with all your trauma and are still human as fuck

And you can decide even though you’re crazy as fuck  and especially because you’re crazy as fuck ‘cause only the crazy as fucks are crazy enough to decide despite

To decide to bypass any and all traditional worthiness standards like the epic life is a reward for having turned in all your homework in how to be proper and well-behaved herd member 101

Like you have to complete all tasks at level 10 to get to a level 11 where your life juice gets topped up and another gold chest is sent your way

Us crazy ones decide despite everything we’re supposed to be and everything we’re supposed to not be

‘Cause who we are, WITH THE CRAZY, is the sought after alignment

And you decide. WITH THE CRAZY, that’s perfect for everything you seek

And you decide, your special brand of crazy is the best damn thing about you

And that’s how crazy ones create epic good shit





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