hack of badassery

The WD40 hack of badassery

Productivity hack

Being the motherfucking thing you were meant to be hack

Happiness hack

Soul orgasm hack

Being hilarious hack

Break out of vanilla and average hack

Stepping up and showing up hack

The WD40 hack of badassery

Say what you wanna say
Do what you wanna do
Write what comes pouring out
Create for the sake of creation


Instead of spending hours upon hours trying to come up with something different, wise or polarizing getting the attention of all the glorious peeps you’re trying to connect with… aka despo for validation… letting it all out is the ultimate hack of badassery

Instead of throwing the real good shit that’s perfect and on purpose in the fucking trash ‘cause you’re so desperately trying to figure out what your soul mate people want from you… aka total lack of belief in self… letting it all out is the hack of badassery

Instead of forcing yourself in the role and carefully manufactured and matched image of someone that defo gets you all the ooohhh and the ahhhh of awesomery wherever you are… aka people pleasing… letting it all out is the hack of badassery


You’re wilder and you’re so much fucking more

Arrrrgggghhhhh…. I know it’s not you, but…. it happens

No biggie, but biggie though… get a little furious… did you honestly forget you got fire burning within?

Yeah… the one that says fuck you and up yours to only be too much in appropriate amounts 

‘Cause you know… you’re a rebel and all and totally not like any fucking else… but still… you’re a professional… a respected leader with all your hats and roles, and you’ve got people looking up to you, right?

…and peers closely watching 

…and wannabes picking up your good shit, trying to create their own thinned out version of it


We convince ourselves of the stupidest things sometimes… us wild souls

Believing we need to tick some ordinary boxes when we’re born to be THE MOTHERFUCKING THING of things

When we’re born to be preachers, messengers, entertainers, creators, leaders, business artist and groundbreakers

When we’re born to be at the forefront of everything… the IT of it all… game changers and groundbreakers

Born for greatness and having it all, being it all, living it all with the volume set on max

But then we regularly forget who the fuck we are and turn ourselves into mediocre fuckers like it’s a thing that’s totally acceptable

And you start copying the rule book of born to be middle-aged fuckers completely miserable and bored to death of a vanilla existence

The respectable job, the business success, the house and 2,5 kids might look awesome and amazing to regular folks… BUT YOU’RE NOT A REGULAR ARE YOU??

Let’s get you back on track to who you really are…

To being the one setting the world on fire simply by showing up

To being the one turning people on simply by being

To being the one owning the space ‘cause you decided


WILDER… the six week VIP  is exactly what you need to stare down your doubts and OWN what you were born to be

It’s exactly what you need to step up despite all the stories you’ve allowed to handcuff yourself over the years.

Despite all the excuses used to take baby steps instead of leaps.

Despite all the shit you’ve told yourself you need to become before you can.

You will continue being hot as fuck… but hotter… like it’s even possible… but yeah

It’s a no brainer… it’s a fuck yeah

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