goal crushing

Goals are like staple items and hardwired good shit… but adventuring… now let that be a goal crushing biatches

I’ve decided this year will be an adventure… and of course since I decided, it is done, it is and will be⠀

How that’ll look like I don’t know yet. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an adventure but a plan, right? And lemme tell you… every time I decide to adventure, it always, always, always crushes any plan and any badass goal crushing I could ever muster up

And right now, I don’t want the plan, fuck the plan. I don’t want the goal crushing… well, that’s a lie… of course there will be goal crushing, that’s just business as usual and the ladidadida of everything ‘cause that’s how we roll *suddenly remembers a handful of ladidadida goals about to be crushed⠀

Goals are so besides the point ‘cause well… goal crushing is like staple items and hardwired good shit… we’re gonna crush this adventuring fo sho… now let that be a goal biatches

But no plan… not even a badass plan… we’re so over planning just for the sake of planning… and adventure is the new goal crushing

I’m cruising into this year with two things on my mind… adventure and hot as fuck in every fucking thing… and only ever will there be a plan when the adventure calls for it

And I know… that even though I do know a few things I want to do way more of, and others in dire need of adding the hot as fuckness adventure to it… I know, from the deepest corners of my consciousness, there are surprises ahead and new beginnings I couldn’t plan, but only allow by DECIDING THE DAMN THINGS and SHOWING UP

And I know this for you too… this is what living from soul and purpose looks like in action

And I know that showing up for all the fire in my heart will be so much about living and breathing more deeply in the calm assurance everything is perfect and on point and purpose, yet riding the high of all the longings in my heart and soul

I feel this humming in my consciousness 

Like the hypnotic beat of drums and horns sounding from soul to ride or die

I have to do this… I feel like if I continue as is I’ll die a little on the inside and colour the world 50 shades of vanilla 

And perhaps I am already dying a little on the inside or turning vanilla… defo not enough punk and way too little rule breaking… fuck vanilla shit

If we’re not growing, we’re dying… and by growing you know I’m talking about becoming more wild, right? Of course you do

I seriously need to cook up a better saying… it sounds lame… sorry I said it. It see now it belongs in the book for middle aged fuckers *shudders and bitch slaps self

It’s time… for all of us… for adventure to become the new goal crushing

This year isn’t only about adventure but alignment ‘cause for us wild souls the two go hand in hand

And I’m so fucking excited about the 20 day SHOW UP NOW asskickery

20 days of you deciding the damned things. Of doing the damned things. In your own damn way NOW!

And you stop suffocating yourself ’cause of all the things and ’cause you’re not there yet and when you’ve done this and finished that…

And instead… you say YES and show up for opportunities coming out of nowhere, ’cause you decided and it is done… badass style

The 20 Day Show Up Now Asskickery is exactly what you need to snap out of holding back, toning down, filtering, doubting, second guessing and hiding behind your busy things to show up as the sexy mofo you are and leader of badassery.. anything less isn’t even remotely okay… and you’re not okay with it and you know I’m right!

Get in…

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