death of badassery


The fucking M’s are getting on my every nerve right now, like WTF, why dare you enter my life with this

Death of badassery, why dare you flood my social media? GET AWAY FROM ME… I don’t like you


It’s all around me creeping up like slithering dementors sucking the world dry of everything awesome

Arrrggghhh I so love this though… not the M’s and the death of badassery… the sorcery

When the dark energies come whispering where I’ve been weak as fuck

Ohhh you forgot who you are little girl… you forgot… see how mainstream you’ve become… see how beige you are… see what you’re doing, pretending to be all middle aged… see how you’ve forgot who you are

The shake, shake, shake your shit off cosmic energy has been like an electric sex toy on max

I honestly can’t think of a better way to describe it

I want to throw my clothes in a pile and light a fucking fire, shed my skin and dance around like a wildwoman

I won’t do it though… ‘cause apparently I’m too middle aged and mainstream… yuck

I hate the fucking M’s

Perhaps I should light that fucking fire and dance

And it’s ALL ABOUT ME… and some stupid stuff I’ve been pretending to be when I’m not

I’ve allowed the slithering dementors to suck the wild out of me

Death of badassery… shit… how boring I’ve been and out of punk⠀

And what’s so awesome about all of this… this practically happens every other month or so

Like mini explosions on the inside to fight the paralyzing M fog and kick myself more into myself

And I swear on all the gods I think are shit as well as all the cool masters in my corner, that I WAS NOT MADE FOR MAINSTREAM OR MEDIOCRE

And the funniest shit… every time these mini explosions happen I sink into a deeper truth of this

And that’s what happens when you allow yourself to be THE MOTHERFUCKING THING

And the rest follows

People like to believe that purpose comes from a booming voice above declaring you are such and such and that your purpose in life is to save some people from themselves

And that one fine day when you’re all supercool and all, you’ll have a lightbulb moment figuring out your superpowers

Like you don’t have to fucking decide, choose and show up to be and become the MOTHERFUCKING THING

More free every day… more free to be you… untamed… unchained

The only path to greatness


P.s. THE FIVE DAY CRAY CRAY STOP SHITTING ON YOUR PURPOSE CHALLENGE to stop whining on the inside pretending to be a miniature version of you and drop back into badassery… IS OPEN

It’s by far the most kick ass, to the fucking point good shit to shake, shake, shake you up and deeper into yourself and the epic shit you’re creating in the world

The PLAYGROUND podcast version with shenanigans and all..

*The one that apparently continues to push away the dark sorceress side for Stepfordy shit and is kicking her own ass for doing so

**Might start sending bones with fuckery spells to all the M’s around me spreading death of badassery and sucking the world dry of awesomeness… or just stop acting like I am one